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//Marketing 2.0 to manage your own domain e-mail accounts. Forget Google Apps

I have been using Google Apps for years to manage my own domain e-mail accounts, and it works pretty well! ... when you get used to their stream model for organising mails. And it is free, sorry, it WAS free. Since Dec. 12, you have to pay 4 €/month to get the service. :(  This is NOT good news. Yesterday I needed a powerfull mail-engine for a new domain that I bought. So I went out and saw what is out there. I found, former Hotmail service. Uhmmm.. Microsoft offering free service?? Let's see... They offer basically the same features as Google Apps plus some interesting advantages: 7 GB storage capacity in Skydrive (more than Google Drive). You can go back to the classic way for classifying mails in folders, not just tags like in gmail. The one I like most: you can edit MS-Office files in the Cloud like if you were in your Desktop computer with MS-Office Apps. This is a wonderful feature. Neither Dropbox, nor Google Apps can do that. Here you can find a more deep comparison. I must confess that I have to test sychro with muy smartphone, but first attempts have been successful. Up to now, I must recommend for those who need a free and powerful mail engine for their own domain, with excellent features.   update July 2013. Outlook does not support IMAP, so why don't you try I have been using it for 3 month and it quite good. NO adds!!

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Cómo Publicar Tweets en LinkedIn de Forma Automática

Cómo Publicar Tweets en LinkedIn de Forma Automática | Víctor Martín. En este artículo, Víctor Martín nos explica cómo volver a enlazar las cuentas de Linkedin y Twitter, que como debes saber si estás buscando información al respecto, dejaron de poderse vincular directamente en ambas herramientas. IFTTT es una herramienta que te sorprenderá por la cantidad de cosas que puede hacer por ti coordinando y replicando información de una red social a otra, por ejemplo: de Facebook a Tumblr, de Pinterest a Facebook, de Gmail a Evernote y muchas más combinaciones.   Muy interesante

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