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F. Navarro’s 6 Areas of Expertise

Seasoned executive leader with 20+ years of combined experience as a worldwide product manager, driving long-term business success and profit growth through the identification and development of high potential new market opportunities for a variety of corporations across Cloud Computing, Virtual Workspaces, Software Marketplaces, Telecommunication, E-commerce and IT.

Fernando holds an MBA from ESADE Business School and an MSc degree in Telecommunication Engineering from Universidad Politécnica de Valencia

He leverages exceptional interpersonal and communication skills to lead multi-function teams, manage key projects like Azure and Azure Stack global development in NTT Com, and conduct favorable negotiations with major partners including Microsoft, HPE, DELL and HCL. He is currently running the worldwide partnership between NTT Communications and Microsoft in regards to Azure.

Capable of leading development and market launch for both B2C or B2B products, developing new markets and organizing and delivering strategic programs.

Hands-on leader and visionary, experienced in multidisciplinary collaboration in the face of new challenges in order to fulfill project targets and translate them into tangible in all these 6 main areas:

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Fernando is an incredibly efficient Marketing + Sales + IT Professional,

with a refreshingly clean vision on New Tech that can help you in your most challenging projects and ideas.
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F. Navarro’s Other Services

A well planned, well executed PPC campaign can provide a business with significant targeted traffic. As part of our PPC campaign management, we will take into account your daily budget and will help you choose keywords with the most profitable conversion rates. Our pay per click service will help your ads stand out, so users want to click on them, instead of your competitors. We also manage PPC campaigns and run my PPC services with painstaking attention to detail keeping continual watch over your campaign progress, looking for areas of opportunity and improvement to the Pay Per Click services you have chosen. The moment we see a chance to lower your costs or increase your conversions, we will alert you and act on it.

  • Account set-up and PPC campaign management. Extensive keyword research and competitive research
  • Assistance with multiple ad networks: Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc.
  • Analysis of titles, meta descriptions, and landing pages for each keyword.
  • On-going monitoring & optimization

Is your business website struggling due to a lack of qualified visitors?  Imagine if you could get hundreds or even thousands of visitors more to your website. What would that mean to you?  What would happen to your brand and how it would be percieved on the web?  What if you could captcher your niche market. What would that mean to your business?

These and other questions may help you to understand that you cannot leave these things to chance, and that you must be constantly striving to promote your brand to thousands if not millions of people who are currently out there surfing the web and in need of your services and products. That’s SEO, that’s our business.

So you need a quality, affordable and stylish web site? You have come to the right place as the sites that we design are all of these and more. With a vast majority of business now taking place on the internet, its important that your company or business has an effective web presence. With billions of people surfing the net daily, the potential is huge for you to compete with other businesses worldwide.

The sites that we build are developed using the most up to date programming languages and database systems not to mention being initially optimized for the internet search engines using correct search engine optimisation techniques (SEO optimization)

Should you need a new technology course in your company or intitution, just contact me. After more than 15 years in New Tech industry, I have developed an important network including best known references in App development, iOS and Android, Web development, Law applied to new technologies and many more issues than can be learned and taught.

Why Choose me

  • I have Marketing + Sales + IT + Internet + Telco experience
  • Ihave the required Business skills & Soft skills
  • Good Vibes: I’m a positive thinker, I have a pleasing personality, I’m hardworking and most of all, it will help my skills to improve.
  • I will get the job done, and enhance your business.
  • I am a results-oriented and effective worker and have an excellent rapport with people.
  • I’m a fast learner, I have self-confidence and I can communicate with people very well. I am a team player and I can work under pressure.

What Professionals Say

Fernando is a profoundly capable software and cloud business leader. He has strategic insight, an incredible drive for results, as well as a competitive edge. He is a highly structured, clear thinker who is capable of breaking down even the most complex issues to easily digestible and manageable chunks and thus of making sure that feasible solutions can be found.
Fernando is also a strong conceptual and visionary thinker with a strong ability to craft innovation-driven strategies with a strong focus on re-thinking entire business models.
But Fernando goes far beyond concepts; He will relentlessly make sure that the solution actually gets delivered in a very pragmatic and tangible manner. He knows what it takes to execute smartly upon a challenging strategy and thus is very effective at implementing it.

I have dealt with Fernando on a regular basis and have come to know him as an extremely reliable business partner.

Fernando impressed me with his subject matter expertise and his highly organized and structured approach to achieve common goals. A true pleasure to work with.

Here’s what comes to mind when looking back at having Fernando as part of my product management team for the previous 2.5 years:
– Strategic and business-focused product manager
– Kills himself for product success
– Incredibly collaborative who does what needs to be done, on time
– Very good understanding of UX/UI
– Ability to tightly work with partners and customers to find solutions to the hard problems and adjust product strategy.
– Follows process while showing initiative when process alone isn’t enough.
To sum this up, it has been a pleasure working with Fernando and I want to recommend him for any product position.

Torsten Volk, Managing Research Director, Containers, DevOps, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence at EMA (Enterprise Management Associates)

Fernando has proven during his time at ASG an outstanding ability to help matching the long term backlog with the day-to-day development work, based on a fluent communication with all development levels, while having the product roadmap in his head. He’s hard-working, collaborative, proactive and empathetic. Always supportive and accessible. Always providing helpful insights and solutions when facing issues. If I had the chance to work again with him, I would do without a doubt.

I worked very closely with Fernando for nearly two years at Ono. He is a very skilled professional, especially in the marketing and sales areas. It was a pleasure to work with him as he is a very positive person, dynamic and always ready to collaborate.
Laura Pasquin, Online and Offline Marketing, e-Commerce, Loyalty, CRM, Business and Services Development at Barcelona City Council
Fernando is an example of a creative, enthusiastic marketing guy. He has a lot of expertise in the internet area, and generously helped me with my campaigns. He is the kind of colleague you always want to work with.
Xavier Santigosa, Managing Partner en Outmarketing SL
Fernando, is a Director of Sales and Marketing of you’ll quickly learn, for his professionalism and excellence. I have had the opportunity to hold meetings in which I learned a lot from him (…). From now recommend it especially for times like we are experiencing, in which analytics is key
Leandro Beer, Advisory Board Member at Weinersltd