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Hybrid, Private, Public and Multi-Cloud: A glossary.

Hybrid cloud is a composition of two or more clouds (private or public) that remain distinct entities but are bound together, offering the benefits of multiple deployment models.

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NTT Group Brings Top Leadership and Award-Winning Teams to SAP SAPPHIRE NOW®

My personal notes: I am really proud of this announcement, where we can see the tight alignment of NTT Com with SAP. At NTT Com Managed Services, the NTT Com Center Of Excellence for Managed Services, we are working hard to reinforce our global position about SAP. In my role running the global alliance with Microsoft, I work to position  SAP on Azure as a scalable and standardized solution, easy to replicate at any geo in collaboration with NTT Com affiliates in EMEA, Americas, and APAC.   PRESS RELEASE NTT Group Brings Top Leadership and Award-Winning Teams to SAP SAPPHIRE NOW® Four Awards and 21 Presentations Highlight SAP Expertise and Support Meet the NTT Group’s family of integrated brands – NTT DATA, itelligence, NTT Communications, Dimension Data, NTT Security, and Secure-24 – at Booth #701 New York – May 30, 2018 – NTT Group, represented by NTT DATA, itelligence, NTT Communications, Dimension Data, NTT Security and Secure-24, today announced its companies will receive recognition for four awards at the SAP Global Partner Summit on June 4 and the SAP SAPPHIRE NOW® conference, June 5-7, in Orlando, Florida, held in conjunction with the Americas’ SAP Users’ Group (ASUG) Annual Conference. In addition, NTT companies will make six official theatre presentations and 15 booth presentations at booth #701. “Lending the highest-level corporate support to this major cloud and business technology conference, NTT Group is eager to share our knowledge and expertise at SAP SAPPHIRE NOW,” said Eric Clark, President Applications Services, NTT DATA Services. “Having delivered strong results in SAP integration work and cutting-edge SAP projects across many industries, the leaders of our companies are excited to demonstrate how our combined resources and partnerships are digitally transforming businesses and satisfying customers around the world.” The SAP Innovation Awards team selected NTT DOCOMO, [...]

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NTT Com: Gold Cloud Platform Microsoft Partners

November 10th, 2017 As a result of hard work worldwide the main subsidiaries of NTT Com overseas (America, Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia, and India) are now Microsoft Gold Partner with the Gold Cloud Platform competency. This has been one of my most rewarding achievements for FY17 as Global Cloud Product Manager. I have invested most of the year in nurturing our partnership with Microsoft worldwide (America, Europe, Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, and India) and evangelizing  within NTT Communications to boost our performance and engagement with Microsoft in regards to Cloud and Microsoft Azure and this recognition is the result of all this work.    

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NTT Com in the list of World Wide Top Azure Managed Services Providers

October 24th, 2017 As Global Cloud Product Manager at NTT Com Managed Services, running the alliance of NTT Com (overseas) with Microsoft in regards to Azure, I have been coordinating our NTT Com initiatives worldwide to get ourselves to the right status as a global company that we are and as a powerful and efficient Microsoft partner. In October 2017, we were recognized as included in the Top 23 of Azure Manage Services Providers (MSO) all of fame by Stackfy. As you can see, we are the only MSP covering all the areas.

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NTT Com Announces Early Support for Microsoft Azure Stack

My personal comments: NTT Com Announced Early Support for Microsoft Azure Stack on July 10th, 2017, a few hours after Microsoft announced Azure Stack GA on the first day of Microsoft Inspire event in Washington D.C. At NTT Com we had been working very hard in partnership with Microsoft and HPE to be ready to go in the first day, leading the first wave globally, leveraging NTT Com's global footprint, extensive international IP backbone, and massive expertise in Data Center and Managed Services businesses. This press releases made it official worldwide. PRESS RELEASE NTT Com Announces Early Support for Microsoft Azure Stack Delivering balance, agility and control across hybrid cloud environments Tokyo – 10th July 2017. NTT Communications Corporation (NTT Com), the ICT solutions and international communications business within the NTT Group (TYO: 9432), is pleased to announce it is an early supporter of Microsoft Azure Stack across both Europe and the U.S. to provide customers with full migration and outsourcing skills in readiness for the Microsoft product launch, currently due in September 2017. Azure Stack is designed to bring many of the features of the Azure cloud computing platform into the enterprise data center, providing hybrid cloud customers with the flexibility and innovation capabilities designed to meet the business objectives of those adopting a data transformation strategy. "We are delighted to be an early supporter of Microsoft Azure Stack," said Hirofumi Miyama, Senior Vice President, Head of Managed Services at NTT Com. "Azure Stack is a game changing product and a strategic part of our cloud services portfolio moving forward. It is particularly relevant to those customers who have been previously held back from Hybrid Cloud adoption, due to data sovereignty rules or governance [...]

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Desktop Transformation

BYOD & Mobile Workers and pushing in the Security and Software distribution traditional headaches, making them bigger, faster and more critical. In the background, a Desktop transformation is rolling.   Why a Desktop Transformation? Gartner says in 2020 45% of the organization will have no owned devices, that is, they will be 100% BYOD organization, and only 15% or the organization will have no BYOD in place. Take a minute to think about these figures. They are awesome! We are not talking only about employees that bring they own laptop to the office, we are also talkling about tablets, phones and any new device that will allow employees to access their data and applications to create value for corporations.       Forrester ( “2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends”.  Feb 2014) shows how new devices are becoming usual devices to work:   In the same report, Forrester points out that currenty more than 29% of workers are "anytime & any-device" workers:   So there is an evidence: BYOD , Mobility, Anytime, Any-Device... all these topics put more and more pressure in IT departments to be able to deliver applications to all these devices and users without compromising security.       Layer Cake Transformation "Anytime, anywhere information Work is the new normal" (Forrester,"2013 Mobile Workforce Adoption Trends". Feb 2014). This is IT CONSUMERIZATION.   What is really happening is that the standard Layer Cake with HW, OS, Applications and Users, is exploding into many pieces, i.e.: new Operating Systems, tons of new devices. IT consumerization is driving the change, and nothing is going to stop it.   We can track this change over the years, starting in the old PC, then VDI attempt, and finally, Workspaces. [...]

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What is a Workspace?

Quick snapshot Quick snapshot of what is commonly understood as a Workspace or a Workspace Aggregator   A WORKSPACE AGGREGATOR is a software that offers: Microsoft Windows, Web-based, published, SaaS, and native local and mobile applications, as well as entire HVDs Appplication self-service stores Centralized identity management (SSO) Application life-cycle management Consistent UI and context-aware access According to PQR , the term Workspace Aggregator is used to describe software that unifies the delivery of multiple application or desktop types such as: Native mobile applications; Software as a Service (SaaS) applications; Mobile web applications; Windows Applications via application virtualization or installation; Desktops, local, server Hosted Virtual Desktops (VDI) or published Desktops in SBC. Core functionalities that every Workspace aggregator should offer: Source: VDI Smackdown solutions overview and feature comparison matrix  (PQR- 2013). A workspace aggregator should also evaluate the user’s device to determine which applications are available for this user on this particular device and at this particular time (context-aware access). Workspace aggregators also provide secure file data access from a broad range of devices. A workspace aggregator simplifies the deployment and life cycle management of applications. As the single point of access, (de)provisioning, auditing and monitoring is easily accomplished through security rules and policy enforcement. Workspace aggregators that are available at the market today also provide Single Sign On capabilities to applications. ‘Workspace aggregation’ is a strategic function in the future’s workspace which is independent from hardware and is OS and browser neutral. Workspace aggregators will mature and become more and more complete over the next  

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Outlook.com to manage your own domain e-mail accounts. Forget Google Apps

I have been using Google Apps for years to manage my own domain e-mail accounts, and it works pretty well! ... when you get used to their stream model for organising mails. And it is free, sorry, it WAS free. Since Dec. 12, you have to pay 4 €/month to get the service. :(  This is NOT good news. Yesterday I needed a powerfull mail-engine for a new domain that I bought. So I went out and saw what is out there. I found Outlook.com, former Hotmail service. Uhmmm.. Microsoft offering free service?? Let's see... They offer basically the same features as Google Apps plus some interesting advantages: 7 GB storage capacity in Skydrive (more than Google Drive). You can go back to the classic way for classifying mails in folders, not just tags like in gmail. The one I like most: you can edit MS-Office files in the Cloud like if you were in your Desktop computer with MS-Office Apps. This is a wonderful feature. Neither Dropbox, nor Google Apps can do that. Here you can find a more deep comparison. I must confess that I have to test Outlook.com sychro with muy smartphone, but first attempts have been successful. Up to now, I must recommend Outlook.com for those who need a free and powerful mail engine for their own domain, with excellent features.   update July 2013. Outlook does not support IMAP, so why don't you try Zoho.com? I have been using it for 3 month and it quite good. NO adds!!

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La capital del móvil ultima su aterrizaje en la plaza Catalunya

La capital del móvil ultima su aterrizaje en la plaza Catalunya. Barcelona será la capital del Móvil durante los próximos 7 años, y la sede estará en el antiguo edificio de Telefónica en Plaza Cataluña. El edificio será sede de la fundación de la MWC y GSM Association simultáneamente.

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