What is a Workspace?

What is a Workspace?

Quick snapshot

Quick snapshot of what is commonly understood as a Workspace or a Workspace Aggregator


A WORKSPACE AGGREGATOR is a software that offers:

  • Microsoft Windows, Web-based, published, SaaS, and native local and mobile applications, as well as entire HVDs
  • Appplication self-service stores
  • Centralized identity management (SSO)
  • Application life-cycle management
  • Consistent UI and context-aware access

According to PQR , the term Workspace Aggregator is used to describe software that unifies the delivery of multiple application or desktop types such as:

  • Native mobile applications;
  • Software as a Service (SaaS) applications;
  • Mobile web applications;
  • Windows Applications via application virtualization or installation;
  • Desktops, local, server Hosted Virtual Desktops (VDI) or published Desktops in SBC.

Core functionalities that every Workspace aggregator should offer:

Source: VDI Smackdown solutions overview and feature comparison matrix  (PQR- 2013).

  • A workspace aggregator should also evaluate the user’s device to determine which applications are available for this user on this particular device and at this particular time (context-aware access).
  • Workspace aggregators also provide secure file data access from a broad range of devices.
  • A workspace aggregator simplifies the deployment and life cycle management of applications.
  • As the single point of access, (de)provisioning, auditing and monitoring is easily accomplished through security rules and policy enforcement.
  • Workspace aggregators that are available at the market today also provide Single Sign On capabilities to applications.
  • ‘Workspace aggregation’ is a strategic function in the future’s workspace which is independent from hardware and is OS and browser neutral.
  • Workspace aggregators will mature and become more and more complete over the next


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